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Short bio

JustRec is a video and film production company based in Athens, Greece. The creator and manager of this brand is Pantelis Koulouridis.

From an early age, Pantelis had a passion for cinema, so he decided to pursue it as his professional field. He studied TV and film direction in Athens.


In 2006, he began filming music video clips while also editing videos on behalf of a well-known Greek production company. He also filmed his first cinema commercial for a fashion brand. Over the following years, he worked on various projects, including editing movie trailers and directing and editing TV commercials.


In 2018, Pantelis established JustRec. The company's idea was for him to primarily operate it but also seek assistance from associates when needed.


In 2019, Pantelis directed and edited his first short film documentary titled "Eternal Creation." The documentary traveled to several festivals around the world, leaving a strong impression. The film was also nominated for Best Documentary in two of the festivals.


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